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Acceptable Use Policy

This document should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions

At Goldhosts, we believe that all customers should be treated fairly. Therefore the Acceptable Use Policy we impose is there to protect our customers, one way or another.

This Acceptable use policy (AUP) is subject to change, so please check regularly for updates. This policy is in addition to Our Terms and Conditions.

1. General

We reserve the right to cancel all access to any or all services provided by us, where we decide that services have been inappropriately used. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

2. Disk Space, Bandwidth, Processor Time and Other Resources

Disk space on our website servers is exclusively for generally available website content which is available via links within the site. Disk space is not provided for backups or any non-website content. All resources are subject to a fair use policy; if they are used excessively, we may request that your Website or Email Service is moved to a more appropriate package.

3. Scripting

There are limits on the number of emails which can be sent within set periods, and restraints on the amount of time a script will run. These are to protect all users of the system. If you suspect you will be nearing these limits, please contact us to discuss a more appropriate package. Emails must be to, or from the domain which is sending them.

4. Copyright

You must be able to prove you own or are licensed to distribute all content held on our systems.

5. Adult Material

We can provide services specific to the Adult Content Industry, but they are separate from our normal systems, and require Dedicated Servers of their own.

For our main systems, no adult material is permitted on our systems, if ANYONE AT ALL could be offended by material on your site, please contact us for advice, before it is put on any of our systems.

6. Hacking

Any attempt to use the system for any reason other that the normal course of running a website will result in immeadiate cancellation of service. Any attempt to hack our systems will result in permanent blocks being put in place.

7. Email

We reserve the right to suspend service if...

  • A mailbox receives large volumes of undeliverable email.
  • Mailboxes have forwarders set to other mailboxes where mail cannot be delivered.
  • Mailboxes have forwarders and/or auto-responders that generate circular mail loops.
  • Our systems are used to send messages or communications...
    • Which are unsolicited, offensive, abusive, indecent or obscene.
    • Which cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety to another user of the Internet.
    • For the purpose of Fraud and /or with the intention of committing a criminal offence.
  • We can prevent the sending of bulk unsolicited mail, SMTP traffic to and from a server.
  • We identify a server that has an open mail relay.
  • A significant volume of mail is sent from a domain in a short timescale.
  • We have received significant volumes of complaints concerning unsolicited mail originating from a Goldhosts hosted domain.
  • To prevent Goldhosts' IP addresses being blocked by IP Address blocking, a domain held on Goldhosts servers may be disabled.
  • We have received complaints concerning unsolicited mail originating from, or unsolicited email being sent to promote, sites being hosted on a Goldhosts server, whether or not the email passes through our systems.

8. Problem Resolution

We will undertake to resolve or reverse issues relating to this policy within a reasonable time scale, however this is normally limited to office hours, and may take some time.

Updated 29th August 2016.