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E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites are those which you can buy from. They give you the tool you require to show a wider selection of clients the product you are selling. They usually have some form of product selector, a basket system, and then a payment system.

It is a fact that in the first quarter of 2008 UK Consumers spent about £13Bn shopping on line. And the 8th December 2008 saw the highest ever amount spent online to date. Make sure that you are there for 2024 with a fully functional E-commerce website, 2024 will be better still!

(Update: November 2013 saw online spending of £10.1Bn. Source: The Gaurdian)

The UK has one of the most developed online market places in the world. Our clients regularly see orders from around the world. In the UK trust in online retailers is at an all time high. B2B E Commerce sites are also doing especially well, as businesses look to reduce costs, by researching prices online.

Reach and Now-ism

Two of the greatest advantages to E-Commerce sites is that they give you both Reach and Now-ism (the ability to shop at any hour of the day).

Reach is the ability to communicate what your offering to people outside of your normal area. Selling a T shirt to a man in Kent for a Scottish company could be quite hard. However, with a E-commerce website, it becomes easy.

Now-ism is my term for the need people have to get something sorted. If you need a spare part for your cat-flap, you can order it on-line now. You do not have to wait for the company (or a physical shop) to open on Monday, when you will probably be busy, you can do it NOW. Solving this problem for your client is a guaranteed way to gain more business.