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Domain Name Management

What's in a (domain) name? Well hopefully your key words! And what best describes your business.

At Goldhosts we understand the intricacies of choosing a good domain name, which can help you connect with your prospective clients, whether they are in your town, county, or even across the world.

Connecting with your customers is easier than ever with so many people online. Your domain name should describe your company or your services to make you stand out from the crowd. We can help you choose the right domain name, so that you are recognised.


Domain Service at Goldhosts does not end with the sale of a domain. We ensure each domain name is managed responsibily. Renewals with some providers can prove difficult, and sometimes far more costly than the initial fee. We can help with everything that is required for registering a domain name. From the paperwork right through to the complicated, but necessary bits, like nameservers, "A Records" and "MX records", which can be so confusing. We take care of these for you, so you have worry free domain names.

At GoldHosts, we believe that things should be done the right way. ALL domain names registered by us are registered in your name - not ours - be careful of people offering very cheap domain names, you may find there is a sting in the tail!

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Domain Names Explained...

The domain name of our site is "goldhosts.com".

Domains are available in different types, the most common being those ending in .com and .co.uk. Which of these you choose depends on your target audience, and what is still available. Contact us for free advice on domain names.

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