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Website Hosting

Getting the right hosting for your website is a balance. At Goldhosts we give free advice on what will suit your needs, without too much technical jargon.

We have standard hosting services, starting with Shared Hosting which represents excellent value for simple, advertorial style websites.

Next for value is our Semi-Dedicated Hosting option, with more freedom for scripting, and comes complete with a database for driving your website.

For top-of-the-range service, try our Dedicated Server Hosting (Linux available) option for complete control, and custom installations. This also gives you the ability to host multiple websites within one package.

Pricing for standard website hosting starts at £100 per year. If you are worried about the speed and quality of our hosting just take a look around this, our own site, because we host our own website on our Semi-Dedicated Hosting.

We can also provide Email Only Hosting if required, please contact us for details.

Website Hosting explained...

Website Hosting is where we provide space on our specialised computer systems, for the files which make-up your website. They are connected directly to the internet, using the best hardware available.

These specially designed "Web Servers" are built solely to process requests from the internet for your web pages.

Also our Web Servers are protected by "Fire Walls", have multiple internet connections, have battery backup and even diesel generators for extended power-cuts.

All of this is why we are happy to offer our Guarantee.

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