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Content Management Systems (CMS)

Websites with Content Management Systems are similar to Database Driven Websites; they both pull information from a database, and create a page on-the-fly. The difference is that websites with CMS have a user friendly editor, to make changes, as and when you wish.

There are many CMS's around, and many have limitations, or are very specialised. To ensure Goldhosts can provide everything you could want from your CMS, we wrote our own (Order Control). This ensures any functionallity you want can be built in.

In a CMS backed website the encoded text of the website is stored in a database. This can then be easily served as a web-page, but also presented in an editor. When in the editor the content is presented in an easy format that makes it very quick to learn, so that junior staff can be tasked with making changes. The moment a page or element of the website is updated, it is visible to the world, making updating your website quick and easy.

All of this does not mean that you have to sacrifice functionality. It is still possible to have multiple downloads, images, or even videos on each page.

Also it is easy to add or remove pages or sections of the website. An example would be special offer pages, which can be added and removed as required.

E Commerce

A Content Management System for an E Commerce website is essential. Managing Products and Categories, from adding to updating becomes easy.