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Berger Tools

Having over 60,000 products available, this is a very large site, with some very complex features. It is based on a custom version of our CMS (Order Control) with features specifically added for management of such a large range.

The part-selector, built with Ajax to allow a user to easily select a part from a bewildering array of options, is my personal favorite part.

There are also many very specific pieces of code here, including over-night product updates, and some very advanced sorting routines.


Berger Tools (2014 iteration Fully Reactive)



Berger Tools (2008 iteration Liquid Design)



We have built 3 of the last 4 versions of this site, dating back to the very early 2000's. The earliest site had individual pages for each product series, and a datanase to hold information about each part. Some 30,000 of these were manually entered.

This website is hosted on one of our dedicated servers, to provide the processing power required to organise and produce each page. The server is also fully secured, and complient with PCI-DSS regulations.

Website Design and Hosting for a supplier of press and machine tool components in Kemsing, Kent