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Data Mirroring

Data Mirroring is the process of storing data in more than one place. Common uses for Data Mirroring are Backups and insurance against disk failure.

Data - or information - is one of the most valuable things you own, but this is often trusted to cheap hard disk drives. Should these drives fail, then the information on them may be lost, or expensive to recover. To combat this, you should take backups of your data. Where the backups is stored is also an issue, as if you put them in the cupboard next to your computer, then a fire will destroy the computer, and the backups.

Another major problem with backups is that they are out-of-date almost as soon as they are made. Consider how much work you would need to do to get your systems back up-to-date, if your starting point was your computer as it was two days ago.

So, what can be done...

The first thing to do is ensure that the original and backup files are stored in different geographic locations. The next thing to think about is how regualrly this new system could syncronise.

One system we employ is a Data Mirroring service. This has pro's and con's, but it does offer the best protection against failed disks. Data is mirrored to an external server, using your interent connection. This system comes with software which regularly checks for updates, and anything which needs to be added or deleted is handled then and there. Should your drive fail, all of the data is stored remotely.

Pro's and Cons:

Data Mirroring Pro's Data Mirroring Con's
Data is syncronised almost immeadiately
Files are stored off-site
Data can be mirrored to another computer in another location
A file you changed at work can be mirrored to your home
A File deleted in one location is deleted in all locations
A slow internet connection can take a long time to mirror information

Used properly, data mirroring can prove a very useful part of your backup process.

Goldhosts offer data mirroring, with applications for PC / Mac / Android and iPhone.

To keep costs low, we charge £15+vat PCM for 10TB of storage, and £30 per half-hour in setup assistance. Please contact us for more information.