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Domain Names and The Love Principle

(An article by Clive Knowles of Goldhosts December 2013)

Followong on from The Love Principle.

Did you know that Google are both ICANN and Nominet registered Domain Name Re-sellers? So why do you not see them advertising domains for sale?

The answer is simple. They only want access to the Domain Registry Data. From this, they can see how long a domain name has been registered for (how old it is), and how many years in the future the domain is still registered for.

A website owner who does not like their website will probably only renew a domain for the minimum period, and only then when it is required.

On the reverse side, a website owner who loves their website, and is totally serious about the long-term success of the website will register the domain they use for as long as possible. Many domain variations including .com and .co.uk can now be registered for up to 10 years.

So when thinking about the Metrics which search engines use, do not miss this one. In a race with other website owners this could be the 1/10th you are looking for..!

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