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Terms of the trade...

  • Address
    See Email Address or IP Address, or Domain Name (website address).
  • ASP
    Active Server Pages, is a technology for making HTML pages change depending on the users previous inputs. This is great for shopping carts and the like, where the page can be adapted to show which items have been ordered.
  • AVG
    A very good virus scanning program, if you do not have a virus scanner, get this one now!
  • CGI
    A programming language with similar function to ASP.
  • Database
    Many websites these days use Databases to store information. This could be a record of your shopping basket, or this list of terms.
  • Dedicated Servers
    Web Server (or Email- or Database-Server) which is dedicated to a single task. In many cases the means running a single large website, or just the email or databases for one company.
  • Domain Name
    This is the Friendly Name that can be typed in to find a website. See Domain Names for more info!
  • Email
    Electronic Letters, sent via the internet, rather than troubling (or waiting for) the postie.
  • Email Address
    Electronic Letters, like those from the postie, need an address to get to the correct destination. Email addresses are made of two parts, the user, and the domain name, separated by the @ symbol. e.g. george@goldhosts.com.
  • Firewall
    This is a very important part of any computer system. They come in two kinds software or hardware. They stop un-wanted connections to a computer or network (usually from the internet).
  • GoldHosts
    Value and Service, in website hosting, setting a gold standard for others to aspire to.
  • HTML
    HTML or Hyper Markup Language is the code that started the World Wide Web. It enabled documents to have words, which linked to other documents, today we recognise these as things we can click!
  • IP Address
    Internet Point. Every computer on the internet needs an address, so that information can be sent to and fro. For computers like web servers, these are static, for your home or office computer, these may be assigned each time you log on to the internet.
  • Key Words
    Keywords are very important when designing your site, this is what the search engines use to index your site
    • Keywords in Body Text
      Structure the text on your homepage around your one most important keyword phrase. Emphasize that main keyword phrase in the first paragraph and in your main and sub headlines.
    • Keywords in Text Links
      When creating textual links, try to make the link a keyword since the text within a link is sometimes weighed more heavily than words found in the regular body text.
    • Keywords in Alt Tags
      The alt tag defines the text to display for a graphic if the user has graphics turned off. Some search engines will look for keywords in the alt tags so it is good to have set the alt tags on images to keywords.
    • Keywords in Header Text
      Always opt for H1 header content as opposed to a larger font when the text contains a keyword. Header content is considered more descriptive of what is actually on the page so it is weighed more heavily by the search engines.
    • Keywords in Title Text
      HTML pages have a special tag in the header for the Page Title, Search engines rate this quite highly, so rather then "Welcome to ..." use you key words.
    • Keyword Frequency
      Frequency is how often a keyword appears on the page or in an area on the page. Try to have your one primary keyword phrase appear a total of 5 to 15 times in all the visible areas of the page. This would include 1 time in the title area, 1 to 5 times in the body text area, 1 to 3 times in the link text area, 1 to 4 times in the alt text area, and 1 to 5 in the header text area.
  • (E)Mail Server
    Mail Server often perform two or more jobs, normally one is sending and the other for receiving email. Other tasks include scanning.
  • MySQL
    A type of Database
  • PHP
    A programming language with similar function to ASP.
  • Spam
    Mass un-targeted, un-wanted email. If you leave you email address lying around on the internet, the Spam senders will find it, and send you lots of un-wanted adverts, viruses or scam emails.
  • Virus
    A malicious piece of code or software, designed to do something you don't want too. Usually capture Credit Card information, send more spam, or delete/encript files.
  • Web Server
    There are special computers, always connected to the internet, which hold websites and email for you. This web site is on a Web Server, which specifically holds websites. When you type in www.goldhosts.com this web server sends the appropriate files to your computer, for you to see this page. Email Servers, hold you email messages for you, until you connect to the internet to retrieve them. See also Dedicated Servers.
  • Web Site
    website is a collection of pages at one domain name. Goldhosts.com is a website, made of pages you can navigate around to find information you need.
  • WWW
    World Wide Web, the huge network of computer and telephone systems that make all this possible.