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Health and Safety Policy

GoldHosts recognises it's responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Goldhosts is committed to providing the safest working environment possible, to it's staff and visitors.

Every employee is required to work in a safe way to ensure the health of all Goldhosts staff and visitors. Health and Safety is a combined effort from all involved, and as such, ALL are required to pro-actively remove risk, as far as possible. Goldhosts provide Health and safety information in the "Resources Directory", which is open to all employees; it is a requirement that this is reviewed regularly.

Senior management have a responsibility to ensure all staff conduct their work in a safe manner, and ensure others are aware of this policy and related documents.

Goldhosts have a requirement for 2 hours health and safety training for each new employee BEFORE work commences. As Goldhosts is mainly a "office-computer" based working environment, special rules have been set-out to deal with strain related to computer use.

This policy is reviewed when a possible incident is observed, and 6 monthly.