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How to Perform a PATHPING Test

When trying to solve problems with hosting (email and website), it is sometimes useful to be able to test the connection between your computer, and the server providing the service. If you have tried the Ping text, and need more detail, you can try this test.

A PathPing test will take a while, as it collects resuilts over a number of steps for 25 seconds each step.

This guide is for Windows based computers: Open a command prompt (run the program CMD) and type into the black-box:

pathping server30.goldhosts.net

... then press enter.

The first thing which pathping does is to calculate a route to the remote address. Each step is then tested 100 times over a duration of 25 seconds. Each step is processed in turn, so an 8 step route will take 200 seconds to complete.

Reading the results of a pathping has been likened to reading tea-leaves. The main points of interest are any addresses returning "lost" value other than 0% or 100%.

0% shows that the path to that network address is fine. 100% usually means that that address does not respond to ping requests.

Outside of these two results are the addresses which could be causing issues, and deserve closer attention.



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