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HTML & CSS Coding

images/original/html-example.jpgHTML is the language of web-pages. It has seen many variations over the years, and has been extended by CSS.

So what does it all mean? HTML is short for Hyper Text Markup Language and CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets.

HTML is currently in a change-over period. HTML 4 was with us for many years, and was replaced by XHTML. Now HTML 5 is now finding much better support, and is used for all new development.

Goldhosts knowledge of these languages means that you do not need to worry about HTML & CSS. Goldhosts take care of the conversion of your fledgling design from a flat picture into a fully functioning website. This is done with the use of HTML & CSS.

HTML is the language that made the web possible. Goldhosts have an expert understanding of HTML and it's variations. Because of our expert understanding, we still write our code (by hand) directly in HTML and CSS. This leads to light-weight and efficient code that automated programs just cannot achieve.

Although HTML was one of the first languages, web pages looked quite bland, there was a need for more style on the web and CSS was born. CSS gave the opportunity to add style to the look of web pages. Although it too has been around for a long time, it is relatively new compared to HTML. CSS is also currently going through a change. CSS 3 is the latest incarnation, and provides many features website designers have wanted for years.

HTML 5 and CSS 3 are now almost globally suported. There are some parts of these which are supported better than other parts. Having your design coded by Goldhosts will ensure your audience will see your website as you intended. See examples of CSS3 design elements on the CSS3 shadow page.

If your market is likely to be one which includes older browsers, please let us know. If required we can ensure your design works in older browsers like Internet Explorer.