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The Writing Implement Maker

images/300/Clives-Exquisite-Pens_H.jpgSo there's this guy...

He is the creator of the most exquisite Writing Implements. Think Faberge Eggs. They are not fantastically expensive, but they are works of art.

There is a problem though. His website (only point of sale) is not selling anything, and not getting any visitors.

The problem stems from his insistence on describing what he makes (pens and pencils) as writing implements; while the rest of the world is searching for pens and pencils.

The morale of the story is that the website owner needs to consider how their customers view them, rather than sticking vehemently to terms used exclusively in trade circles.

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Please note, pens shown are not Faberge quality, but were made by Clive of Goldhosts.