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Victoriana Nursery Gardens Design, System and Website Development

A full ECommerce solution, this website has over 900 products for sale. This is quite possibly the most hignly developed website we have ever done.

There are a miriad of special features from group-quantity pricing to split delivery cost calculation. All invoicing, deposits, delivery costs, stock, back-orders, and much more is handled within Order Control, our Content Management System.

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2015 version shown above. Design by Kat Whelan.


2010 version shown above


2005 Version shown above

Development through the ages.

This website has been online since about 1998, although just about everything has changed over that time.

The design has changed about every 5 years to keep it fresh, and take advantage of developed standards in browser technology.

As online shopping has become more popular, and indeed refined, the website has developed and added more functionality.

In about 2005 the decission was made to hold stock records within the admin side of the website, as the existing software (called Chaos) was indeed causing chaos with stock. This led directly to the birth of "Order" (the opposite of Chaos) a software development for handling stock within a website. Order itself developed into a complete system for contolling the website, as well as stock and orders themselves. This change also meant a name change to "Order Control", or OC as it is known.

The Victoriana website contains every aspect an ECommerce website couold possibly want, including a delivery cost calculation module which is second to none. All factors are taken into account:

  • Do items on the order qualify for free delivery?
  • Do the items require letter packet / courier packet / parcel delivery, based on size?
  • Do the items require letter packet / courier packet / parcel delivery, based on weight?
  • Will the items survive a weekend in a delivery van?
  • When will the items be available?
  • WIll the order require 2 separate deliveries?
  • Decide cost dependant on Postcode;
  • Decide cost dependant on delivery speed (Next Day / Selected Day / Saturday / Next Day Saturday);

Whilst this Delivery Module is very powerful, the management remains simple with settings against each product and delivery type - all of the hard work is done by the code.

Another major feature is Group Pricing. This allows products to be grouped into a price bracket, and any tiems from that group can be ordered with an automatic discount based on the quantity of items across the group. Multiple levels of discount are easily achived, and price updates are massively simplified.