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Website Design Ideas

This is a walk-through of the design process, using our own website as an example.

The original design was beginning to look a little tired after 10 years. So we tasked the Graphics Designers to create a new look and feel for the website.

Normally they will produce two or three destinct design options, and then work on one of those once a basic option has been chosen. In this case, they came back with three:

images/300/Goldhosts-Website-Design-Option-1_H.jpg images/300/Goldhosts-Website-Design-Option-2_H.jpg images/300/Goldhosts-Website-Design-Option-3_H.jpg

We spent some time choosing between the designs, and asked for a fourth option, with elements from the orignal options. The result:


This is the normal design process here with Goldhosts, and as you can see from the overall design of this very website, our Graphics team can turn your ideas in to a stunning design.