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Why we don't use Wordpress

Many website people use Wordpress to build websites, but Goldhosts chose not to...

While Wordpress has it's merits, it also has some drawbacks. As a very popular piece of software, it is a target for a range of attacks on it's known vunerabilities. This is not just true of WP, other similar CMS have the same problem. Once a vunerability is found, a patch needs to be made.

There are also limitations with modifying these website to do more than they were built to do. There are pluggins, but these often restrain you to doing exactly what the plugin wants, which may not be exactly what you need. Then re-programming is probably as bad as writing the whole setup over.

Goldhosts wrote own own Content Management Sytem - Order Control, to ensure we maintain the flexibility which comes with writing our own code. Order Control is also secure against the kinds of attack that other CM systems suffer.

Websites are attacked on a daily basis, and quite often in an automated way. Tke back control, and talk to us about a better solution.